Getting the most out of your test automation with JUnit 5 and Allure 2

Timing: 5-6 hours, instructor led workshop
Prerequisites: Java experience – 2+ years, bring your own laptop

Frameworks are not changing so fast in test automation world, but 2017 is different. There are two groundbreaking  releases from the most popular testing tools in open source – JUnit and Allure. One of the major advancements in both frameworks are modularity and extensible architecture, and support for advanced test automation patterns such as dynamic tests. These tools unlock the potential for the next generation of test automation frameworks. We will learn how both tools are functioning internally and what it takes to integrate with them. During the workshop we will be building a small test framework using Java, JUnit, Allure and some other libraries. You will get an understanding of how test automation projects will look like in next years and how to benefit from the latest open source advancements.