Theory and Practice of Software Testing (TAPOST 2019)

20th International Conference

Test Fast & Benefit Continuously


8:05 Registration
9:00 Opening
9:20 Michael BoltonThe Secret Life of Automation
10:20 Ingo PhilippRediscover Exploratory Testing
11:00 Coffee Break
11:20 Track 1 (General): Jurijs GrigorjevsFrom testing to quality engineering – the path to double value of testers.
Track 2 (CICD): Girts BaltaisbrencisShift Testing Left and Defects Down with CICD
Track 3 (Modern testing): Daria LashkevichHear me sign: Sign language translator development and test
12:00 Track 1 (General): Polina Gorsanova, Janis PresisDelivering on time and quality with less resources. A true project story of optimization!
Track 2 (CICD): Gwen StewartQA in support of CD
Track 3 (Modern testing): Roy de Kleijn – Tap into the world of robotics
12:40 Track 1 (General): Vitali LashchankaMoving to Fail-Fast approach in Frontend Development
Track 2 (CICD): Vjaceslavs LukasevicsMastering hordes of CI jobs using Jenkins pipeline DSL
Track 3 (Modern testing): Audrius SabaliauskasMitigating dependencies pitfalls in app development
13:00 Lunch Break
14:00 Track 4 (TA): Seretta GambaSeven proven ways to ruin your Test Automation
Track 5 (Agile): Szilárd SzéllTesting in DevOps – how to assess teams and give guidance
Track 6 (General): Martin BoesgaardDerive good test data from production data without breaking privacy laws
14:40 Track 4 (TA): Alexander PushkarevTest automation, Unicorns and other things that do not exist
Track 5 (Agile): Alexey Shnyakin, Aleksandrs KodolovsContinuous micro services testing
Track 6 (Performance): Igor SamokyshPerformance testing of web applications – so much more than running a script
15:20 Track 4 (TA): Andrejs KalnacsFlaky tests – not on my watch
Track 5 (Agile): Mehmet Şevket Özdemir – Difficulties and benefits to develop a new test automation tool
Track 6 (TA): Kristine KronbergaGalen – a new way to test website layouts
16:00 Coffee Break
16:20 Lilita Sparāne, LSTQB – What’s new in ISTQB certification process?
16:30 René van VeldhuijzenForget Shift Left and Shift Right. Let’s Shift Back!!
17:10 Rhian LewisTesting blockchain applications: challenge or opportunity?
17:50 Natalija Rokina, Jelena SmilgaTest Yourself
18:05 Closing & Networking