Theory and Practice of Software Testing (TAPOST 2018)

19th International Conference

The Ultimate Test Automation


8:15 Registration
9:00 Opening
9:10 Insights from Testing Hackathon
9:20 Into the NEW: Transforming Testing to Quality Engineering – Matthias Rasking
10:00 The Road to Hell and Back – Patterns in Test Automation Project Failure & Recovery – Alon Linetzki
10:40 Coffee Break
11:10 Track 1: Model-Based Testing, MBT (workshop) – Serge Tchouaffe
Track 2 (White-box): Risk Based Code Coverage Analysis – Bartosz Szulc
Track 3 (Tools and Experiences): What I did Last Summer to Cure our Testing – Vjacheslav Lukashevich
11:50 Track 1: Model-Based Testing, MBT (workshop) – Serge Tchouaffe
Track 2 (White-box): Cloud-native apps REST API testing: our story – Kirill Shepitko & Konstantins Tarasjuks
Track 3 (Tools and Experiences): Tricentis Tosca – is Not just a Testing Tool – Deniss Afonicevs
12:30 Lunch Break
13:30 Track 4 (Continuous Integration): Tieto Cards Continuous Integration experience – Martins Gulbis
Track 5 (Ideas and Specialization): AntiPrinciples in Test Automation. Let’s Talk About the Bigger Brother of Antipatterns – Maciej Wyrodek
Track 6 (API & Tests): Deploy Microservices Confidently Using Consumer Driven Contracts – Henrik Stene
14:10 Track 4 (Continuous Integration): Agile Testing in Mobile App development – Edgars Sēlis
Track 5 (Ideas and Specialization): Automated Security Scanning in Payment Card Industry – Michał Buczko
Track 6 (API & Tests): REST API Tests in Kotlin: A New Hope – Sergei Prodanov
14:50 Track 4 (Continuous Integration): Put Your TestOps Shoes on! Improving Quality by Process Automation – Dawid Pacia
Track 5 (Ideas and Specialization): How We Can Test a Robot – Home Helper – Daria Lashkevich
Track 6 (API & Tests): Functional and Performance API Smoke Test Automation in 5 Minutes – Deniss Locmelis
15:10 Coffee Break
15:40 The Quest for the Ultimate Autotest Coverage – Alexander Pushkarev
16:20 ISTQB Syllabi Updates – Klaus Olsen
17:00 Pitch from Testing Hackathon
17:20 The Best Testing Program – Alma Vītola
17:40 Closing & Networking