I studied physics, but immediately switched over to software development and have been a developer for more than 40 years. I worked for very different companies (insurance, manufacturing, software) with all kinds of applications (legacy, client-server, web etc.). In 2001 I was put incharge of introducing test automation and I developed a framework that enabled us to get quickly eccellent results. I talked about it in some conferences and met there Dorothy Graham, who asked me to write a chapter in the new book she was writing together with Mark Fewster, Experiences of Test Automation. Reading the finished book I realized that most of the other chapter’s authors were using the same solutions to the same issues. I recognized the patterns and invited Dot to write a book on them with me. We eventually collected test automation patterns and issues in a wiki, the Test Automation Patterns wiki (2013) and have been improving it and teaching about it ever since. Last year we also finally published a book about it, A Journey through Test Automation Patterns.