Zbigniew Mockun (PL)

Do you work in a company which has established effective testing process, which ensure high quality and support Agile methodologies? Can your testing process be used as a model for other companies? Fortunately, we were in that place a few years ago and had to ask ourselves a question about the next step. The answer was: Let’s be Quality Assurance Engineers rather than Testers. But what should we do? How can we do this transformation?

At the same time, I got feedback from my colleague – Head of Java practice: “Your testers found defects in areas / scenarios which weren’t included in development scope / my devs didn’t know that should cover those edge cases. What can we do with that?”

I had to agree with him. There is no sense to test scenarios which weren’t implemented. This was the starting point of our transformation. We decided to implement Shift left model as it looks as the most promising one. But when we implemented it not everything worked as smooth as we wished. New challenges appeared, but more in my presentation.