Code coverage reports often fail to answer the most crucial question, what tests am I missing in my project? I combined data from multiple sources to enhance standard report with information that is missing and required to answer the question. Following risk based analysis of source code I was able to find parts of code that definitely need tests.

In this presentation I’m going to present you my findings from enhanced Code Coverage 2.0 report and walk you through a journey I took. I’ll also share with you lessons learnt and some ideas on how perfect coverage should look like taking under consideration risk.

What are the three biggest takeaways you will take from my walk?

  • How to analyse code by risk and what sources of data might be helpful.
  • How to find most important missing tests that would bring most value.
  • What determines good code coverage. How to run only the tests you need to run.

How this presentation is going to affect you?

  • You’ll give code coverage a second chance.
  • You’ll know what tests you miss.
  • And what tests you don’t need.